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The weird things we Google

The weird things we Google

The weird things we Google
29 April 2014

We feel sorry for Google. The omniscient Tourist Information Centre of the internet, it doesn't get the option of opting out of the requests made by the lost and inquisitive browsers of the murky world wide web. Bus timetables. Lasagne recipes. Information on cat dating. And that's only the clean stuff.

Because of its faceless, forgiving anonymity, we all ask things of Google we'd never dream of asking help for IRL. Ever.

The following graphic from Search Factory charts just a fraction of the bizarre, sordid search requests that Google has to deal with on a monthly basis. From curious requests on the purpose of the male nipple, to the revealingly desperate searches for dating advice, we wouldn't be surprised if one day this most abused of search engines goes on strike.

We're off to Google cat dating.

(Image: Search Factory)

(Via: Daily Infographic)