The US Army’s latest weapon is a three-year-old pizza

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Chris Sayer

Forget weapons of mass destruction, here’s a weapon of mastication.

The US Army, home of such destructive and frighteningly-named technology as the Black Hawk utility helicopter, F-22 Raptor fighter jet and the FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile launcher, can add another dangerous weapon to their arsenal: pizza that lives for three years.

The tomato-based Italian survival specialist, which researchers have been developing since 2014, is a new MRE, or ‘meals-ready-to-eat’, that will fuel servicemen from 2017.

To halt the effects of decay and increase its lifespan, science boffins looked how they could control the levels of oxygen in the packaging, the acidity levels in the sauce and the order in which the ingredients are layered to slow down the growth of mould.

Not only are the US Army expecting this to be a delicious food for their brave soldiers, but US Army food technologist Lauren Oleksyk believes it could be “decent enough to lift moral in a combat zone.”

"We've actually had feedback from the warfighter for years," Oleksysk said. "Pizza just seems appealing to all."

Digital tech site Tech Insider has reportedly had a taste of the new fully assembled creation, reporting that it "actually tastes good".

Whatever next - a Big Mac that lasts for over six years? Oh, wait...


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