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The Unstealable Bike

The Unstealable Bike

The Unstealable Bike
Danielle de Wolfe
19 August 2014

Exasperated at the mere thought of having your bicycle stolen? Take a breath and relax - three Chilean engineers may be soon be calming your worries about run-of-the-mill bike locks for good.

Dubbed the Yerka Project, the frame of this bike doubles as the lock itself. Yes, leaving any conniving wrongdoer with no choice but to break the bike itself should they want to ride away on it. Needless to say they wouldn't get very far.

It's the brilliant design from students Juan Monsalve, Andres Roi and Cristobal Cabello, who are hoping to release the prototype as a proper product in the coming year.

And clearly, even for its fetching design, it’s all about the ingeniousness of the folds and latches on the bike, here, as the tricky locking process comes together in under 20 seconds. Take a look at the video below for a better look at that.

In short, if a thief were to get lucky plundering this bicycle, they'd have to take the lamppost or tree with them.

[Via: Huh Magazine]