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The unofficial Pokémon GO clone will give you nightmares

What have they done to those poor creatures?

The unofficial Pokémon GO clone will give you nightmares

Your smartphone is probably coming down with Pidgeys, right? You've turned up late to social gatherings because you "needed to catch a Snorlax", drained your battery to within an inch of its life and added several extra miles to your commute just to hatch an egg. 

While you might not give a toss about Pokémon GO any more, spare a thought for poor China; the record-smashing app is still yet to be released in the nation.

They can, however, still practice their ball-flicking (steady) skills: Chinese developer Rejected Games: FPS Adventure & Sport Simulation has filled the Pokémon-shaped hole in Chinese gamer's smartphones with the release of Pokeball Coach for Pokemon Go.

Rather than wandering around an augmented reality world, the app just focuses on the ball-throwing aspect of the game - albeit with some seriously distressing representations of Pokémon.

The app has recently been updated to remove all mention of Pokémon (we imagine they were hit with a lawsuit), replacing the haunting designs with other animals - but these images live on in the wider web. Witness their horror below.

Oh lord

We think he's already dead.


Is... is that you buddy? What have they done to you?

"Just catch me..."

"...I've seen too much to fight any more."

This is the face of evil

Evil with a bubble beam


Nothing about this is nice.