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The Ultimate Pet Sematary Quiz

The Ultimate Pet Sematary Quiz

The Ultimate Pet Sematary Quiz

Be careful where you bury Fido next time.

Pet Semetary was a 1983 smash horror novel from the prolific Stephen King and, like many of his books, made into a successful movie in 1988.

The book was a personal one for King, written after returning to teach at the University of Maine for a year. His family rented a house next to a busy road, which claimed the lives of many pets and, more worryingly, very nearly accounted for his son, Owen - thus providing the inspiration for the novel.

For many years the book remained unpublished, due to King's worry that it was too dark, and too personal. His wife Tabitha and friend Peter Straub convinced him to "put away" the book, but it surfaced after a contractual dispute required him to produce a final book.

How well do you know Pet Semetary? Be sure our tricky questions don't cat-ch you out - make sure you dog-gedly pursue the correct answers and see how many you can get. We'll stop rabbit-ing on...



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