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The UK's top Google Searches of 2011

We can hardly bear the excitement...

The UK's top Google Searches of 2011

...It's 'the Royal Wedding'. The fastest rising Google search term of 2011, in the UK, was the 'Royal Wedding'.

But over on the 'What Is' list, a list of the most popular searches starting with 'what is', lives something of a gem: 'What is scampi?' Here you go:

Top 'What is' searches

What is AV (alternative vote)

What is scampi

What are truffles

What are piles

What is 4D

What are cookies

What is copyright

What is Zumba

What is iCloud

What is probate

Fastest rising search terms:

Royal Wedding

iPhone 5



iPad 2

Ryan Dunn



Rebecca Black

Ed Sheeran

Apparently interest in scampi has gone up by over 80% over the year but David Jarrad, director of the Shellfish Association of Great Britain, is clueless as to why.

"I'm quite surprised. It has been a traditional pub grub for many decades and it remains the UK's most popular and valuable shellfish by a long way," he told the BBC. But he could not explain why people have gone batsh*t mental over it this year. Apparently: "Scampi is the tail of a Nephrops, also known as a Dublin Bay prawn or Norwegian lobster."

Alternative Vote (AV) in a referendum topped our biggest 'what is' searches, with rather grimly, 'what is piles' also featuring.

There was also a list of the top 'How To' searches with 'how to revise' and 'how to snog' featuring. Ironic really because as a teenager, if you can do one you probably can't do the other, either way you look at it.