The Tories asked people to tweet #VoteConservative, Internet reacts fantastically

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Joe Ellison

Picture the scene: you’re a social media editor for the Conservatives. After a lengthy brainstorm in the Margret Thatcher meeting room over silver platters of caviar you agree on a hashtag to boost the party’s campaign in the local elections and break out the Dom' 95 to celebrate. Then it happens: #Voteconservatives is trending, it’s huge, bigger than you ever imagined - sheepishly, you check your offshore tax accounts, turn your computer off and quietly clear your desk.

Much like train operators and footballers who play for Aston Villa, under-fire politicians would do well to stay off Twitter altogether. Social media just has a funny way of biting politicians in the arse, as was evident yesterday following the seemingly innocuous calls to action by David Cameron and his cronies, which naturally had the reverse effect, showcasing the brilliant levels of sarcasm this nation is capable of.

We might not all be able to agree on politics but bloody hell we can make a cutting gag or two. Here are the funniest points raised: