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The top 10 greatest t-shirts from movies

From Fight Club to Goonies, check out the most iconic tees of all time

The top 10 greatest t-shirts from movies
29 July 2016

With the release of the new Supercut Youtube video showcasing loads of amazing t-shirts from the big screen, we've managed to narrow it down to the top 10. Because it's 2016 and we know you don't have the patience to sit through 4 minutes.

The Goonies

Was anyone else terrified of Sloth as a child/still is now? The honorary Goonie manages to pull off the Comic-Con staple without looking geeky. Although he did live in his mother's basement, which is the ultimate in geek.

Clerks II

Clerks II is a bit of a cult movie, but most people have seen this weird homage to Silence of the Lambs in some dark corner of the internet, where Jay tweaks his nipples and adopts a mangina in his newfound Christian attire.

Fight Club

In another life maybe Edward Norton's character could've had a career in fashion design, because he thought up some incredible styles for the (*spoiler*) imaginary Tyler Durden, played by Brad Pitt.


If kids had cool t-shirts like Danny Zuko in school P.E class and not stinking oversized kits from the lost and found bin, maybe they wouldn't be so overweight. That and adding Pokemon Go to the curriculum would definitely work. Vote ShortList for Education Secretary.

Toy Story

Everyone hated this kid, but loved his top reminiscent of the Zero skating logo. The Toy Story villain might have been an absolute sociopath, but he had an impeccable taste for t-shirts.

Napoleon Dynamite

Although it's not really about anything, Napoleon Dynamite has some of the most quotable lines in move history. Its Eighties thrift store style is also on point, and this Vote For Pedro ringer tee is now practically iconic.

Every t-shirt from Step Brothers

There's almost too many tees to choose from in this movie - like Brendan's Leo Sayer and Dale's Yoda tops - but the Converse and Mountain Dew combination in this shot is pure magic.

The Hangover

Some people wear suits in Vegas, some people wear confusingly artistic t-shirts. If you wear the latter you'll definitely get more phone numbers to store in your sweet man satchel.

This Is Spinal Tap

The t-shirt game gets turned all the way up to 11 here with this glow-in-the-dark skeleton top in the best mockumentary of all time. Although if Kanye West's career is revealed to be one big joke, the title might switch hands.

Wayne's World 2

Before the downward spiral and disgusting memes of Shrek, Mike Myers made classics like these. But it's actually Garth's style that steals the show here in his plaid shirt and Waynestock tee.