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The ShortList General Knowledge Quiz: Week 1

Five rounds, 20 questions in total. Are you ready?

The ShortList General Knowledge Quiz: Week 1
10 January 2018

Hi! Hello! Hi there! Welcome to this New Thing - it’s a quiz, and we’re going to be doing it every week from now on - Wednesday to be exact. Thanks for joining for our very first edition.

It’s going to be a weekly general knowledge quiz, split up into five rounds that will change every week, and with 20 questions in total. Your job, ace it, then rub your score in all your friends’ and colleagues’ faces, of course.

The rounds this week are: British Geography, ‘90s Movies, Back to School, Sport and UK Music. Try and get some friendly/unfriendly competition going in your office, and also let us know how you get on by tweeting us @Shortlist. Good luck!