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The real-life Mighty Mouse too cool to wear a cape

The real-life Mighty Mouse
11 November 2011

When you hear of mice being involved in drugs testing, you typically have pretty accurate visions of ungodly, inhumane acts that would make a vegan weep gluten-free blood.

But, it seems as if some mice have it better than others. In a new experiment in Lausanne, France, scientists have been searching for a way to treat age-related diseases. How are they doing this?

Well, they're obviously creating ‘super strong marathon mice’ who have bigger muscles and can run for twice the distance on special rodent treadmills. The rather worrying(ly cool) drug could be misused by athletes but could also be used to create a race of human or animal superheroes.

Through genetic manipulation, they've also created the same effect in worms and for anyone who's seen Tremors, this sounds like a horrendously misjudged idea.

For anyone who cares about the specifics, they suppressed an enzyme which usually stops muscles from building up. But can they stop it?

Well, yes they can which means we want some of whatever it actually is sharpish.

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