The RAF just turned Top Gun and intercepted two Russian jets heading for UK airspace

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Emily Badiozzaman

If international politics were a playground, Russia would be the kid that kicks you in the shins just to see how you'll react. 

Yesterday's kick came when two Russian Blackjack bombers (White Swans to the Russians, codenamed Blackjacks by NATO) were spotted close to the boundary of UK airspace 12 miles off the shores of Scotland. 


Russia's Tupolev Tu-160s Blackjack

After a heads up from Icelandic, Danish and Norwegian fighters, the RAF quickly got the message across that Russia can't sit with us and dispatched Typhoon aircraft to escort them back across the North Sea. 

RAF Typhoon fighter jet

Although Russia has never entered UK airspace, they have come close to the line at least six times in the past year. Cold War II this ain't though, the UK had discussions in December to determine whether the incidents were accidental and how to prevent them happening again. 

And the RAF has their Tycoons on quick reaction alert from Lincolnshire to deal with any further incursions. 

Squad goals.


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