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The Quote, Line & Lyric Poster Exhibit

The Quote, Line & Lyric Poster Exhibit

The Quote, Line & Lyric Poster Exhibit

There's a time and a place for pop culture quotes. Funeral speeches isn't one of them, nor drawn-out break up conversations. We learnt the hard way.

A far more suitable context is atop an excellent alternative poster, a fact proven by Hero Complex Gallery's latest exhibit, Quotes, Lines & Lyrics.

Offering up a huge collection of pop culture wisdom, some 70 artists have created artwork that incorporates their favourite film and TV quotes, literary passages and famed song lyrics. Think of it as the most creative in-joke event of all time.

We've selected some of our favourites from the exhibit below - you'll have to head to Los Angeles to see the collection in full, with online sales set to start on 28 February. 

Adam Cockerton
Aurelio Lorenzo
Blunt Graffix
Casey Callender

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Chris Garofalo
Lyndon Willoughby
Male Cuellar
Martine Johanna
Mike Bell
Raj Khatri
Roby Amor

(Images courtesy of Hero Complex Gallery)