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The Portable Cardboard Desk

The Portable Cardboard Desk

The Portable Cardboard Desk
09 October 2014

Despite laptops promising the end of the workplace, it hasn't quite happened, as millions of us trudge in for the daily commute.

And part of this is because, still, we crave the security and practicality of an actual desk as somewhere to put your notepads, bits and bobs, and rest your well-earned cup of tea, But imagine if the desk was also completely portable? That would solve everything, right?

Well, imagine no more, as a team of designers in New Zealand have created the innovative portable cardboard standing desk, which they call the 'Refold'. It weighs just 6.5 Kg and can be used as a sitting or standing desk. It's brilliantly designed, and folds up or down in a matter of seconds.

It's nearing the completion of its Kickstarter target, currently sitting at $22,400 NZD (£11,000) of its $25,000 NZD (£12,250) target, with 32 days still to run.

Prices start at $145 NZD (£71), while there are also plenty of other options that include donations to their effort to improve education in the Pacific Islands in collaboration with UNICEF New Zealand.

Now, you can pack up your laptop, desk and kettle and you're ready to work literally anywhere.

(Images: Kickstarter)