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The Pocket-Sized Home Cinema

The Pocket-Sized Home Cinema

The Pocket-Sized Home Cinema

Here's an ingenious bit of big-screen thinking. 

Beam is a pint-sized smart projector that's currently seeking funding on Kickstarter

The handy device can turn any flat surface into a cinema screen, enabling you to play video games on your table top, project recipes onto your kitchen counter, or even watch YouTube and Netflix on your ceiling. Because, well, why not? 

Beam can be plugged into any screw-in light fitting. It's compatible with Android and Apple devices, as well as being bluetooth and wi-fi enabled. You can also use it as part of an Apple AirPlay network. 

Even more brilliantly, you can set certain "rules" for your Beam to follow, which are structured in an innovative "IF" and "THEN" format. For instance, IF it is Monday at 6am THEN you can be woken with some gentle music and a projection of the day's weather forecast on your bedroom wall.

Just try to remember not to smash it to pieces, as prices start at £226. 

[Via: Cool Hunting]


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