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The new Tetris

iPhone app Trainer drop is insanely addictive

The new Tetris

Cast your mind back to 1990. Endless hours of Tetris and damaging your thumbs was interrupted only by the need to sleep, during which time you'd dream about the damned falling blocks. It was terribly moreish.

Awful news, then, that a game that challenges Tetris in the addictive stakes has landed on iPhone. Like Tetris and its poorer followers (Dr. Mario, Columns etc) Trainer Drop is about clearing trainers falling from the sky, but this time you need to file them away in colour-coded boxes. Clearing them unleashes chain reactions, score multipliers and a shower of coins that well and truly feed the monstrous addiction.

It's the debut game offering from Crashlander Studios and Digital Heavy and includes a (whisper it) never-before-seen game mechanic. Head to the App Store where the game cost £0.59. Then say goodbye to your loved ones.