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The new film from the guy behind 'In Bruges' looks properly brilliant

Even the trailer's hilarious

The new film from the guy behind 'In Bruges' looks properly brilliant

If you haven’t seen In Bruges yet, you need to rectify that immediately. It’s a hilarious crime black comedy with a distinct shot of Irishness added to the mix, courtesy of Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson and writer/director Martin McDonagh. It might even be Colin Farrell’s best film – he’s never been better.

McDonagh’s follow-up, Seven Psychopaths, wasn’t quite as good, but it wasn’t a bad time at the movies by any means, in my insignificant opinion. Either way, now he’s got a chance to repeat the success of his Brussells-set breakthrough, with his new comedy drama, the laboriously-named Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

Check out the trailer below, unless you’re particularly averse to bad language, punches to the head and/or nut-shots...

If you laughed numerous times during that, you were correct in doing so. It looks very funny. Also, nutshots.

The film follows a woman played by a clearly on-form Frances McDormand, who erects three billboards at the entrance to her town, cussing out the sheriff for not solving her daughter’s murder. Then, as with other McDonagh movies – a load of other people get involved and shit presumably Pollocks the wall as a result of being fed into a desk fan.

There’s no concrete release date yet, but it’ll be out later this year, rather than earlier this year, which would be impossible, as it’s not already out yet. Or something.