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The new Asus Rog gaming phone is a massive Switch contender

Asus puts its game face on

The new Asus Rog gaming phone is a massive Switch contender
22 July 2019

Whilst many of us now engage in mobile gaming, actual gaming phones are more rare. That makes the new Asus Rog all the more exciting.

The second in the Rog series, the phone comes with a whole raft of exciting features and add-ons. As you might expect from a gaming phone, its graphics are particularly impressive – it has a 120Hz AMOLED display.

Two vibration motors make the experience more immersive, and a removable controller pad means you can game whenever you want. A clip-on fan means your phone won’t overheat, reducing temperature by up to five degrees.

An Engadget review of the new phone singles out one new feature as particularly notable – a brand new gamepad that rivals the Nintendo Switch. Controllers can now be clipped together, leading to better weight distribution and a smoother gaming experience.

As you might expect from a phone with so many features, it’s not particularly light – if you’re looking for something you won’t notice in your pocket, this probably isn’t for you, especially when clip on features are added.

No news on when the phone will be released, yet, or on the price. But with the last model costing $899 (£720), the new ROG is likely to be a pretty pricey investment. If you’re into gaming and you want a fully immersive experience on your phone, it could be worth it.