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This is what most people Googled in 2016

Forget Brexit, the UK needs to leave the internet for a bit

This is what most people Googled in 2016
14 December 2016

Oh what a year it’s been. First came Brexit, then Trump and in between a smattering of deaths of some of the great legends of our time. It’s been pretty gnarly. 

Sure, there was some good stuff too. We came closer than ever to finding a cure for one of the most devastating diseases, the Chicken Connoisseur happened and Leicester won the Premier League. There was some sweet light relief to allow a momentary respite from what felt at times like nonstop gloom. But, overall, nobody is going to be penning 2016 as ‘a great one’. Well, not many of us anyway. And, to compound that conviction even further, we’ve got the annual round-up of what we spent our time Googling throughout the year.

Always a part fascinating, part disheartening reminder of just how curious/stupid we humans are, top trending searches this year included ‘Where is brussels’, ‘What is Brexit’ and ‘How to stay young’.

Internet culture itself had a massive impact on our internet searches. We watched Youtube videos and wondered ‘how to make slime’, saw Snapchats and wondered ‘how to get bigger lips’ and had a steamy summer fling with Pokemon GO. Belfast got existential and asked ‘what is the internet’ more than anything else.

In a year where comfort was needed, food and drink were big on our minds too: we wanted to know how to make blueberry wine (really?), greek salads (yum) and recipes for dog birthday cakes (interesting).

We also definitely liked people who hit other people really hard – UFC’s Conor McGregor and deceased street fighter supreme Kimbo Slice were both googled more than your mum’s favourite crooner, Michael Buble.

After a weird old year, we’re still a curious bunch who don’t really know what Brexit was, who pour ink all over our clothes and get well scared of clowns. Forget Brexit, with searches like these the UK probably needs to leave the internet fora while.