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The Lavender Mob

Original male scent makes spectacular return to form

The Lavender Mob
14 November 2011

Think of lavender and 
your mind will probably drift to the soaps that gathered dust on your grandmother’s dressing table.

But back in Victorian times, lavender (the genus of the mint plant) was a common ingredient in men’s fragrances, incorporated as the fresh and uplifting top note to scents, long before citrus notes took the limelight. Its clean and calming nature was at the heart of many masculine classics, and would fill the air in barbershops the length and breadth of Europe.

Put into context, it isn’t so surprising, then, that this distinctive floral note has found its way back into the masculine psyche, spearheaded by Tom Ford’s Lavender Palm Private Blend scent and Chanel’s latest Les Exclusifs formula Jersey.

Embrace the fragrance revolution with our selection of the finest lavender-based scents around.

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Jersey eau de toilette £180 for 200ml by LES EXCLUSIFS DECHANEL

020-7493 3836

Oxford & Cambridge aftershave shaker £65 for 100ml by CZECH & SPEAKE

Amber & Lavender Cologne £72 for 100ml by JO MALONE

0870-034 2411

Lavandula eau de parfum £95 for 100ml by PENHALIGON’S

Pour Un Homme De Caron eau de toilette £48 for 75ml by CARON

020-7734 8040