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The heartbreak hotel

Cry yourself to sleep in style

The heartbreak hotel
Danielle de Wolfe
06 September 2011

After a break-up, chances are you might find yourself falling into a pit of clichés. Listening to songs that you know you shouldn't be listening to, forgetting to wash body parts that you know you should be washing and spending time in places you know you shouldn't be spending time in.

Which is why, it's sometimes best to get away. After a quick montage of you travelling and maybe throwing away some painful memorabilia, you should find yourself in Germany. No, not because of their strict and no-nonsense approach to emotional pain, but because of the Die Liebeskuemmerer hotels.

Two hotels that are designed for the recently heartbroken, they offer up a team of therapists, nutritionists, and fitness coaches to help freshly single folk get their groove back. They put four to six lonely hearts in a group and make them stay together for four to seven days so they can help get through their tough time together.

We imagine there'll be a lot of tears, some Kelly Clarkson music and probably a few inappropriate in-group hook-ups.

If you're getting over a break-up, you'll also need to have saved up during the latter portion of your relationship as each hotel will set you back around £1,279 for a four night stay.

You can find out more information here.