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The Grand Tour's James May wants you to create his new gin advert

Captain Slow is on the lookout for creative crew-mates

The Grand Tour's James May wants you to create his new gin advert

James May needs you - and all that's required is ice and a slice.

No, this isn't some sort of modern-day National Service advert, more a call to arms where UK gin enthusiasts are concerned.

The Grand Tour and former Top Gear presenter Captain Slow is on the lookout for creatives to produce his latest advert, as his booze brand James Gin expands across the world.

Currently available to purchase in 41 countries, the gin's new campaign is entitled ‘Gin of the People’ and aims to combine creative minds and the spirit of summer - pun totally intended.

“I need your help. The James Gin business is now at the point where people are trying to persuade me to spend loads of money with a poncey advertising agency to promote my products," May declares.

"But I don’t want to do that, because James Gin is the Gin of the People and I’d rather save the money so I can make it cheaper to buy."

Launching just in time for World Gin Day 2024, May is looking for creators to come up with the most inventive adverts imaginable.

It's not the first time the presenter has put out interactive gin content, after the presenter called on gin drinkers to roast his latest spirits release.

Is it really any surprise, given his latest gin is named Asian Parsnip Navy Strength?

According to May, the ad "must, of course, convince all and sundry that James Gin is the only thing worth drinking this summer".

The 10 best ads will be awarded a gift box brimming with James Gin, and the overall best ad as judged by May will receive an additional personalised reward.

"This is where you, who are The People, step in. I want you to make the ads for me. Your ad can feature any of the flavours currently available from James Gin, and can be a simple banner or a video," the presenter says.

"Once it’s been checked for hate speech, cultural misappropriation, and incorrect pronouns, it will appear all over the James Gin socials.

“Put on your designer bow tie, your ludicrously fashionable glasses, change your name to just your initials, and get on with it,” the presenter adds.

Noting he's after "works of genius", prospective ad campaign directors can submit their entries in either a short film format (clips under 60 seconds and 100MB) or as a banner ad.

All submissions can be uploaded to the James Gin website.