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The funniest computer error messages

The funniest computer error messages

The funniest computer error messages

You've nearly finished the report. One more slide, a final read-through and then it's done. Better save it before anything goes amiss.


What? What do you mean there's a corrupt element in the file?! WHERE DID IT COME FROM?! DON'T YOU DARE DELETE MY WORK!

Anyone who has ever so much as tapped at a computer will have experienced an infuriating error message - an untimely message guaranteed to inspire hitherto unknown levels of seething hate.

With Windows 10 now rolling out across the world's computers, a fresh batch of error warnings are filling screens - including this gem captured by Jonathan Timar.

With this fresh hell in mind, peruse our gallery of the weirdest error messages ever discovered.

That seems straight forward

Not so good on your logic are you, American Megatrends?

Nothing is wrong

You're lying, Macromedia Dreamweaver...

Error error

Two wrongs definitely not making a right


That sounds pretty serious...


Wait... should I be happy or annoyed? I'm so conflicted...

100 percent isn't enough


This is worse than bad

We didn't realise there was a scale...


You need to redefine your understanding of 'success'.


Well who's going to report the problems now?

How many?

Sorry Zack, this could take a while

Insert it where?

To be fair to Windows, this error would only occur if you were tinkering with their phone in an unapproved fashion.


Well it wasn't like I was expecting it.