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The first advert for the return of the DeLorean is here

The Back To The Future classic is heading back to the roads

The first advert for the return of the DeLorean is here
Danielle de Wolfe
05 February 2016

If you weren't excited before (seriously, what's wrong with you?), then you'll definitely be excited now.

The news that the DeLorean Motor Company was going to start producing their famous vehicles again made millions of Back To The Future fans turn giddy with excitement, and now there's a suitably epic visual to stoke your anticipation even more.

The company recently announced that new US motor regulations would enable them to build up to 325 cars per year without needing to adhere to modern safety and emission standards (which the car would never be able to pass).

While the company sought to play down their current progress, saying "A number of hurdles exist before production can begin, and we're still early on in this process of determining the feasibility of moving forward", the fact that they've released this visual bodes very well for the project coming to fruition sooner rather than later.

A windswept plain, the open road, some quality soul music and a DMC-12, what more do you need?