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The Brilliant Batman Comic Collage

The Brilliant Batman Comic Collage

The Brilliant Batman Comic Collage
09 March 2015

Collages - an artistic medium usually reserved for playgroup creative corners and scrap book compendiums. But, when wielded by more experience hands, it's a style that commands some serious respect. Honest.

Take this superb example from French comic-obsessive Mr Garcin. A strong advocate of the collage style (don't worry, there's not a scrap of pasta in site), his latest work Batman (Head) forms part of Geek Art's year-long celebration of the Dark Knight's 75th anniversary.

The immaculately detailed piece was created using comic artwork from hundreds of Batman issues, cut out and stitched together to create a menacing portrait of Gotham's saviour. Only 150 prints of Mr Garcin's original collage are available to buy from the French Paper Art Club for £25 (€35).

We shudder to think how many classic comics were destroyed for the project, but we're sure you'll agree the final results merit the sacrifice. 

(Image: Mr Garci)

[Via: Geek Art]