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The Best Shelters For Surviving The Apocalypse

The Best Shelters For Surviving The Apocalypse

The Best Shelters For Surviving The Apocalypse
14 September 2015

The Met Office is warning that the next two years could be the hottest yet

North Korea is breathing threats again

The Labour party is now a threat to UK security

With all things considered, it's probably time you invested in something that'll help see you through the impending end of days - so we've assembled a list of options, home improvements and installations you might want to consider.

Be prepared.

The Atlas Galvanized Corrugated Pipe survival shelter

Florida-based survival specialists Atlas will install a custom survival shelter under your home to the tune of $48,000 (£32,000) - and that's for a small model.

This 10-foot by 51-foot shelter includes...

Atlas shelter escape hatch - from which to take out those pesky zombie forces/Communists/next door neighbours...

Atlas shetler

...a spacious, comfortable interior, complete with living room...

Atlas shelter

...we're not sure if she comes with the shelter...

Atlas shelter

...there's also room for a washer and drier, because you'll want to look your best when the end of human history comes calling.

Bunker Shield

UK group Bunker Shield will build you one of these earth-covered shelters for only £8,000!

Bunker Shield

Or how about this communal bunker design - built for purpose, with prices ranging from £51,700.00 - £125,000.

It could even increase the value of your existing property by four percent!

Bunker Shield

And you're going to want one if you live in any of the following UK target areas.

According to Bunker Shield, this is a 'conservative' list.

Temet LSS-80 Protection System

Should to be fortunate enough not to have been taken out by the blast of the nuclear impact, you'll want a Temet LSS-80 protection tent in your office.

Packing away into a small crate, this tent provides safe protected space for a maximum of six persons for an extended period of time. Quite what you do after that is beyond us...

Zombie Fortification Cabin

In addition to their regular log cabins and sheds, Tiger Log Cabins have this little beauty - the Zombie Fortification Cabin. 

Measuring a sizeable 44 by 30 feet, the ZFC-1 is built to survive and undead army: protected by re-enforced slit windows, strengthened walls and doors and a barbed wire surround, it features an upper deck on the roof of the main building to give an overview of any shuffling uprising. 

Yours for £69,995.