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The best quotes from The Apprentice

What they said… and what they did

The best quotes from The Apprentice

The Apprentice rejects who couldn’t quite live up to their proclamations of greatness

Jennifer Maguire

(Series 4)

The sell: “As a salesperson, I would rate myself as probably the best in Europe.”

The reality: If by the term ‘sales’ we can include general underhand deviousness, then Maguire may well be on the European podium. It was her crew in Week 7 that attempted to bribe a shop owner into not selling a tennis racquet to the other team. He refused, and quite right too.

Raef Bjayou

(Series 4)

The sell: “The spoken word is my tool.”

The reality: Despite the linguistic boasting, Bjayou wasn’t too articulate when tasked with creating a TV advert for a brand of tissues in Episode 9. In fact, he didn’t even mention the product in the voiceover — an omission that promptly pushed him the wrong side of Lord Sugar’s office door.

Ben Clarke

(Series 5)

The sell: “I’m a natural born leader. Sandhurst clearly saw that in me.”

The reality: Sandhurst, as it happens, hadn’t seen much at all in Belfast broker Clarke, as he hadn’t taken up his scholarship at the royal military academy when he starred in the show. Fired to the words “You think quite a lot of yourself”.

Melissa Cohen

(Series 6)

The sell: “I can sell ice to the Eskimos.”

The reality: Food business manager Cohen put her money where her mouth was in Week 4 by attempting to sell a shower head to Debenhams. That’s Debenhams the department store, not Debenhams the well-known plumbing emporium. She failed. She was fired.

Stuart Baggs

(Series 6)

The sell: “Everything I touch turns to sold.”

The reality: What a clever way with words, but alas, it was shown to be nonsense in the very first episode when ‘The Brand’s’ (right) silky sales chat degenerated into verbal abuse after most passers-by refused to bite, leaving several pounds of sausagemeat very much unsold.