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The best natural skincare products

Gently does it

Danielle de Wolfe
06 October 2011

It’s a common misconception that the natural remedies favoured by the lentil brigade don’t pack the same kind of high-tech punch as their chemical counterparts. But constant breakthroughs in bio-science mean naturally-derived bioactives can now compete with synthetic ingredients, offering great results without the need for skin-irritating nasties like synthetic fragrance, petrochemicals, sulfate detergents and synthetic colours. Ideal if you're a guy with sensitive skin.

1. Men’s Moisturise Cream £29.95 for 75ml by THE ORGANIC PHARMACY;

Not just natural but 100 per cent organic too, containing nary a trace of petrochemicals or even herbicide residue. This pure potion quenches parched skin with shea butter (one of the richest natural emollients) and is available in a gel formula for guys who don’t like the texture of creams.

2. Hibiscus and Rice Scrub £32.50 for 75ml by USHVANI; available from Fortnum and Mason or See for more details.

A deceptively effective exfoliator from little-known but well-worth-hunting-down spa brand Ushvani. The Ayurveda-inspired formula uses rice particles to buff away dead skin cells and lift hairs, making it an ideal pre shave prep. The hibiscus, which is high in Vit C, helps brighten dull skin and even packs in antioxidant properties.

3. ClearCalm3 Anti-Blemish Clay Cleanser £18 for 150ml by REN;

Harsh synthetic ingredients might solve one problem (spots), they invariably introduce a whole bunch of others as a result (extreme dryness, redness, irritation), leaving you worse off than when you started. This antibacterial face wash gives a thorough clean, excavates pores and soothes away blemishes – all without working like paint stripper on your skin.

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