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The best dressed men at the 89th Academy Awards

This is the real quiz

The best dressed men at the 89th Academy Awards
27 February 2017

Well, that was… eventful. Usually a sixteen-hour slog through corporate glad-handing, on-stage networking, and ego-massaging, the 89th Academy Awards was packed with incident and winners – GENUINE, WORTHY WINNERS – and could even spell a brand new dawn for this dead-on-its-arse franchise. 

But more importantly, all the lads looked fucking great. Here were our top ten:

Ashton Sanders and Jharrel Jerome from Moonlight

You know what’s really, really, really nice? Two kids who look like they’re really excited for this very cool awards show. Jharrel wins big for his lounge lizard black bow-tie and ivory one-button and Ashton’s double-breasted jacket and Goodfellas collar is a classic combination.

Riz Ahmed

Not going to lie but the shine picked up off that blue satin peaked lapel is such that I kinda wanna… lick it? Is that bad? Riz loses stripes for a slightly skewed bow-tie but overall, this is a great look.

Michael Shannon

Accompanied by his partner Kate Arrington – a woman you can just tell will fully not put up with any of your shit – Michael went full Vito Corleone and, despite his slightly ill-fitting cuffs, we could hardly be happier.

Dev Patel

Everyone else might as well have gone home because truly, this was Dev’s moment.

Aldis Hodge and Glen Powell

Straight Outta Compton’s Aldis Hodge’s midnight blue suit and silver accouterments couldn’t even be fucked with when Hidden Figures’ co-star Glen Powell hit him w/ the Stunner.  

Andrew Garfield

Despite standing like a robot, the cut and fit of Garfield’s tuxedo was almost perfect – a little too much cuff, a little too much handkerchief – but his bow-tie makes up for it. AG was the BT MVP. 

Jason Bateman

Hot damn, Michael Bluth scrubs up well. If that’s not ample inspiration for the rest of us, I don’t know what is. 

Seth Rogen

OK, yeah, no, fair play: pretty much everyone looks FANTASTIC in a tailored tux, even Seth Rogen. And Seth Rogen looks like he’s been wearing the same pair of pants since 2006.

Barry Jenkins

The Moonlight director took on the biggest shock in Oscars history while rocking this tasteful DJ and black patent rims and did it all while going sans socks. What a guy.

Mahershala Ali

Despite Kimmel taking the piss out of his name, Mahershala Ali came through all this like a damn prince and became the first Muslim to win an Academy Award while wearing this cracking all black ‘fit.