The 2016 New York City cab drivers calendar cannot be unseen

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Joe Ellison

So much for Taylor Swift’s ode to the Big Apple.

If this is the Welcome to New York she had in mind, we’ll be heading straight back to the airport thanks. On the train.

Avert your eyes if you like but here comes the 2016 New York City Cab Drivers Calendar, featuring such delights as ‘naked man in trunk’, ‘naked man wearing inflatable swimming ring’ and ‘messy man letting greasy pizza drop all over his vest’.

Magic Mike this ain't - though despite the oddness of these alternative pinups baring hairy chests and pot bellies, we’re sure you’ll crack a wry smile at some of these.

Additionally, profits from the calendar will be going to University Settlement, a group providing educational and social services to immigrants and low-income families, making it a worthy effort for a worthy cause.

Until the 2017 calendar, best stick to the day job, guys.


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