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The 10 things you have to do to be a real adult in 2017

Can you put a tick next to every one?

The 10 things you have to do to be a real adult in 2017

Remember those halcyon days of summer holidays when you were a kid?

The only thing you had to worry about was your football getting a puncture, you got to hang out with your mates all day, every day, and the ice cream never stopped flowing.

Of course, you never quite realised how lucky you were at the time, always wanting to be grown-up so you could do all the fun stuff that adults did.

Then you received your first bill. And then had your first job. And then you thought, actually, no, hang on, this isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Can I go back to being a kid again? But it was TOO LATE.

Nonetheless, ever since then, you’ve clung on to your childhood with everything in your might. But, eventually, we all must succumb - and this new list describes the 10 key signs that you are now, actually, officially, a fully-grown adult. So death is not too far off.

They’ve come from a new study by Kinder Bueno (for some reason) who (for some reason) have also made a song to accompany it, written by the excellent Brett Domino.

“Our research suggests that growing up milestones have moved on, with having a professional email address, an up-to-date CV and watching box-sets on a Friday night rather than going to the pub all referenced as signs you’ve mastered ‘adulting’ in 2017,” said a Fererro spokesperson.

So, what are the 10?

1. Being in a permanent job

2. Paying for your own holidays

3. Paying for your own car insurance

4. Doing your own washing

5. Having a relationship that lasts longer than six months

6. Being able to drive

7. Having a credit card

8. Having a sensible email address

9. Having an up to date CV

10. Going on holiday with your partner

Do you do all these things? Congratulations, you are officially old and you will soon be intently watching those adverts for life insurance.

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