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The 10 most unexpectedly excellent moments from the Brits

It was much better than you hoped

The 10 most unexpectedly excellent moments from the Brits

So was it as good as the mid-nineties glory years? In a word, no.

But the Brit awards, that annual evening recognising British talent/giving big acts a sales boost in a difficult Q1 ended up being a rather enjoyable bash with plenty of comedy, nonsense, unexpected moments and genuine emotion in its two hour running time.

Here's what you missed that you need to know about:

Adele won everything & gave four crazy speeches

As predicted, Adele swept the board, taking home four awards and got past the censors at ITV with some textbook swearing during one speech. Read all about it here. Really, she should be hosting the thing next year, it would be a riot.

Lorde & Bowie's backing band stole the show with their tribute

We'd all feared it would be terrible - instead, it ended up being brilliant, as Bowie's band teamed up with the can't-believe-she's-only-19 Lorde to perform a stunning version of Life on Mars. Simple and just right - what a relief. Read more here.

Dec couldn't resist a gander at an unexpected guest

During one link, the ever-professional hosts Ant and Dec were interrupted by a rather scantily-clad dancer/exhibitionist, believed to be a guest of designer Pam Hogg. Naturally, they breezed through with consummate ease, but Dec still had a cheeky peek...

Jess Glynne decided to channel Sideshow Bob

Performing a medley of her too-many-to-count pop hits, Jess Glynne went for the seriously big ginger hair look, as classically sported by Sideshow Bob. Unexpected, but we like it.

And so did Fleur East

Did we not get the memo about this? Perhaps 2017 will be the year of the Marge.

Bjork won Best International Female and wore a crazy hat

Considering the Brits is usually the most predictable awards ceremony around, there were actually a few shocks this year - one of them being Bjork's first win since 1998 for Best International Female. Naturally, the Icelandic boundary-pushing artist posted a bizarre acceptance video, where she wore some sort we have no idea what that is on her face. But good on her anyway, God loves a trier.

Justin Bieber & James Bay channelled every terrible gap year guitarist

Opening up his performance with the hit Love Yourself, we feared for the worst as James Bay strummed a backing sat beside a mock campfire, reminding us of a thousand awful festival and gap year guitarists playing More Than Words to try and impress some girls (and usually succeeding). Thankfully - and this is the excellent part - he quickly bounced off to play the brilliant Sorry with loads of fire everywhere. Don't do that to us again Biebs, we can stop liking you again you know.

Tame Impala looked more surprised than anyone at winning a Brit

The Aussie psychedelic band saw off U2 and Major Lazer to unexpectedly take home the Best International Group award and looked, appropriately, like deer in the headlights. We didn't know it was legally possible for anyone other than Foo Fighters to win this award, but you live and learn.

As did Catfish and the Bottlemen

As the Llandudno quartet were named British Breakthrough Act, we thought we might finally see an Oasis-style rock 'n' roll acceptance speech after some fairly dull thanking of management and record labels from the previous winners. However, presumably as they never expected to win - especially given they've been going nine years - it was short and sweet: "Thank you to anyone who voted for us. You're class. We're very grateful, very humbled." Chuck in a few f-bombs next time OK guys?

Rihanna was strange

Everyone was looking forward to Rihanna's big appearance but it was a confusing affair with a fairly half-hearted effort from the lady herself but an awesome light show throughout. Drake was wheeled out towards the end (almost literally, seeing as he looks like he's been on the pies recently) and RiRi performed a perfunctory twerk for him, with an air of 'well we need to give them a gif of something'. Still, at least she turned up eh?