Terrifying video of Dad saving son on rollercoaster when seatbelt breaks


Edgar Allan Poe once described being buried alive as man’s most primal fear, which owing to the terrifying frequency of premature burials at the time was a pretty good summary.

That said, we’d like to think that if rollercoasters had been in existence at this point in history that he would have reassessed his scare rankings. Make no odds about it, the idea of your seatbelt coming undone on a rollercoaster mid climb, roll and loop is brain-shatteringly horrific.

But, this is exactly what happened to Delbert Latham and his son when they visited the Wonderland Amusement Park in Texas and took a ride on a coaster called Mousetrap.

Check out the terrifying footage below:

The park has since issued the following statement:

Wonderland immediately reached back out to Mr. Latham the evening it happened and promptly removed the back cart from the ride and ensured all other seatbelts were in proper working order.


The Mouse Trap was back in full operation on Saturday.

They also added that the ride was originally built without any belts at all, but were later added as an extra safety measure. Which is absolutely insane.