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These teens have a genius foolproof way of beating Deal Or No Deal arcade machines

How did no one think of this before?

These teens have a genius foolproof way of beating Deal Or No Deal arcade machines
Tom Victor
10 October 2018

Remember those childhood years when, instead of going out and getting drunk, you’d head to the local arcade and waste hours playing retro video games or trying to master the 2p machine? A simpler time.

You’d spend entire evenings there in pursuit of ‘completing’ something, even when the reward was minimal – a handful of coppers, say, or enough of those arcade tickets to trade in for a toy you’d use once when you got home and never again.

However, what if we told you it was possible to beat the system? To use everyday devices as effective cheat codes, with no way for anyone to stop you?

A video of a group of teenagers finding a way to beat a Deal or No Deal machine has left us wondering why we didn’t think of it sooner.

The machine uses one of those classic tricks of moving prize boxes around so quickly that it’s hard to figure out the amounts inside – the goal of the game is to get rid of the lower amounts, so having a firm idea of what’s inside is pretty crucial.

Now we’re not here to encourage cheating – we trust that you’re good people who can make up your own minds on what’s right and wrong – but we will show you how these teens beat the game. You know, just to make sure we all *cough* stay informed.

As you can see, they’ve filmed the box rotation and slowed it all down to watch back and help identify which box is which.

Yes, it’s devilishly simple, but that’s what makes it so brilliant. This seems like a foolproof approach, which means it will surely be stamped out sooner rather than later – we can’t see an easily beatable game being great for business.

It’s a shame the kids have only been able to win arcade tickets for their troubles, rather than actual cash, but we imaging their formula will have been enough to secure them a hell of a lot of popping candy and massive stuffed animals.

(Images: YouTube)