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Tacos & Burritos art exhibition

Tacos & Burritos art exhibition

Tacos & Burritos art exhibition
12 June 2014

Ever found yourself openly salivating at an art exhibition? Or been distracted by a passing cheese burger? Us neither, but then we haven't been to a Super Precious Art Gallery show.

The Boston-based online group has just opened its latest exhibition at the pleasantly unstuffy Roxy's Grilled Cheese and Burgers. What sort of art show would you host in an American diner? One entitled 'Tacos and Burritos', obviously.

Featuring an unlikely 25 pieces of taco and burrito-inspired art from 17 artists, the exhibit celebrates two of Mexico's finest exports in a range of colourful, text-heavy canvases (including, notably, a tiger eating tacos).

All of the works can be purchased on the Super Precious Art Gallery site for around £15 plus postage. Here are some of our obscure, bonkers favourites.

(Images: Super Precious Art Gallery)