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Swedish teenagers trapped in trolley call emergency services

What a right meatballs up

Swedish teenagers trapped in trolley call emergency services
03 November 2011

Place Sweden in your minds eye. Cool place isn't it? Scandinavian people treating the environment right and probably being incredible lovers.

Alas, even Sweden can stoop to monumental levels of idiocy as proven by two teenagers who had to dial emergency services when they became wedged in a shopping trolley.

The girls found the trolley lying around in a remote part of the town of Ed (now that's how you name a place) and climbed on in there.

A spokesman for the emergency services told The Local paper: "They were sitting next to each other down in the cart, one in the front and one in the back. There wasn't much space left.

"I presume they found it quite embarrassing... It was humourous."

The girls were lifted out with relative ease, having been trapped for an hour.

Via: Digital Spy

Image: Rex