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Swedish prisoners complain about TV channels

Forget that they murdered their way in there...

Swedish prisoners complain about TV channels

Going to prison ain't easy. We know, we watched Oz a couple of times.

There's the claustrophobia, the gang warfare and, most disturbingly, the poor selection of TV channels.

Over in Sweden, this finally became too much to bear for inmates at Kalmar prison and they simply had to act. They teamed up to write a letter to the Swedish Prison and Probation Service to make a formal complaint about the devastating lack of variety they had to endure on a daily basis.

"All the Swedish Prison and Probation Service detention centers should offer the same selection," the letter read. Kalmar only offers seven channels, compared to other facilities which, they claim, can have up to 19 to choose from. The injustice.

In reply, the head of the Prison and Probation Service for Kalmar took the matter with an admirably straight face and stated that it was down to funds.

"It is a question of the cost, really. By law we are obliged to show the basic selection of SVT1, SVT2 and TV 4 at the center. We have also added Eurosport, CNN and some other channels. We really don't think we should spend any more than that," he told Swedish paper Ostran.

We don't even want to know what they think about the food...

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