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If you swear a lot, it might mean you’re actually really smart

We f**king knew it!

If you swear a lot, it might mean you’re actually really smart
Tom Victor
29 August 2017

Swearing, eh? Can’t fucking get enough of it.

There’s some good news for those of us who spray four-letter words around the place, though: according to a new study, it could well be a sign of intelligence. Well, shit.

Researchers from the University of Rochester found a strong connection between intelligence and swearing, and anyone who disagrees can fuck off. Actually, we’re not sure the last part of that made it into the study.

Other factors that correspond to higher intelligence, according to the study, include eating spicy breakfasts and walking around the house naked. Presumably most Mensa members do both simultaneously, swearing in between bites of their Frosties caked in hot sauce.

As The Independentreports, the researchers behind the study took a sample of 1,000 people, asking each of them to state how often they performed 400 specific tasks.

The findings were published in the ‘Personality and Individual Differences’ journal, and follow separate research from 2015 which linked swearing to a larger vocabulary.

As the study found, the number of swear words you can name in a minute is thought to correlate with the breadth of your vocabulary in general. But Stephen Fry could have told you that years ago.

Other findings from the new research include the discovery that extroverts are more likely to drink, gamble, drive fast and tell dirty jokes. But if you’re the type to swear a lot then you probably already knew that.

We already knew swearing makes you stronger, and the brain is the biggest muscle in the body, so this all makes sense. Probably.

Gordon Ramsay? Genius. These robots? Smarter than your mates. And as for you? You’re probably a fucking smart-ass yourself.

(Main image: Rex Features)