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Supermarket absolutely destroys customer trying to blag free avocados

Way too smart for this stuff

Supermarket absolutely destroys customer trying to blag free avocados

These days, companies are so terrified of going viral on social media that they're ready to apologise for any little inconvenience that befalls their mollycoddled customers.

Well, either that or they totally give up on any sort of customer service whatsoever, knowing that if they're all terrible, they can all save on costs and make more money. Banks. Banks, mainly. Banks, we're looking at you.

But these days, the slightest hint of an angry customer, and most businesses will bend over backwards to make it right. Which some nefarious people have started using for their own advantage. Witness this standard rant, posted to the Woolworths Australia page (Woolies is still going strong in Oz):

Naturally, you'd expect a grovelling apology and a promise of free avocados next time the poor customer was back in their store.

Which was clearly what they were expecting and hoping for.

But Woolies were too smart for that.

Cue much lol-ing and hilarity on the comments section.

And let's face it, it should be a crime to wear Crocs in public.

Well played Woolworths, well played.