Superb Simplistic Pop Culture Characters


"We're going to illustrate a new minimalist pop culture character every single day."

Oh how we chuckled. Surely this lofty claim from the illustrators of Barcelona-based Hey Studios graphic design group was destined to run dry as soon as a public holiday or illness struck. Heck, we'd have even understood if a sunny day and beer garden had conspired to see one scheduled illustration miss its slot.

But since February 2014, Hey Studios has made good on its word. The feast of clean, simple illustrations below comes directly from their packed Instagram feed, which supplies pop culture lovers with a new pint-sized hero to marvel over every day of the week. 

From fictional staples to music acts, Hollywood A-listers to video game characters, the only thing that's going to stop the artists at Hey is when they run out of famous faces to illustrate. 

You can see our favourites from their work below, and find their full series here.

(Images: Hey Studios)

[Via: Hypebeast]


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