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Superb Art Series Dedicated To Boss Battles

Superb Art Series Dedicated To Boss Battles

Superb Art Series Dedicated To Boss Battles
31 March 2015

The lighting shifts. The background music drops to a bass-laden riff. A doorway lies beyond a quiet room filled with ammo and health packs.

It can only mean one thing: boss battle. 

We refuse to grow tired of this well-worn video game mechanic. Hours of our life have been spent figuring out weak spots and tactics, countless controllers flung across rooms as the final inches of our health bar bleed away. And it seems we're not alone in revelling in the challenge.

Minneapolis-based gallery Light Grey Art Lab has called upon the talents of over 115 artists for its bad guy-themed exhibit, Boss Rush! Some of the most memorable villainous show downs have been commemorated, from Zelda foes to FableMortal Kombat opponents to Mario moments. 

We've picked out a few of our favourites below, with a selection of prints available from the Light Grey Art Lab online store.

Saving the day never looked quite so glorious. 

"Grossly Incandescent" by Chris Bloom (Dark Souls)
"Dedede" by Derrick Dent (Kirby)
"The Death of Ganondorf" by Michael Pitropov (The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker)
"Darth Malak" by Nick Lasovich (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)
"Griever" by Benjamin Lam (Final Fantasy 8)
"PsyCrow" by Patrick Loughman (Earthworm Jim)
"Jack of Blades" by Britney Winthrope (Fable)
"Naval Piranha" by Rodrigo Avilés (Yoshi's Island)
"I will CRUSH YOU!!!" by Elizabeth Beals (Street Fighter Alpha 3)
"Dawn" by Emily Cheeseman (Prince of Persia: Sands of Time)
"Magus" by John DeLucca (Chrono Trigger)
"Indoctrination on High" by Deborah Garcia (Mass Effect)
"A Wolf and Its Prey" by Taryn Gee (Metal Gear Solid)
"For Science" by Francesca Buchko (Portal/Portal 2)
"Look at Zombie Pirate" by Adam Hoppus (Secret of Monkey Island)
"The 3rd Colossus" by Victory Maury (Shadow of the Colossus)
"Wyrmwood Falls" by Jason Norman (Mario)

(Images: Light Grey Art Lab)

[Via: Geek Art]