Student has emotional breakdown after cruel friend Photoshops his final uni results


Finding out a university grade can be one of the most daunting processes in a young person's life.

All those loans, fees, support from parents, hopes, dreams, three years of note-taking in cramped rooms, the possibility of all your hard work attempting to get a 2:1 being pissed away thanks to 2-for-1 Vodka Red Bull nights down at the student union, all for this: the final mark that will stand on your CV for life.

Why, it's the sort of moment you don’t want to miss, but if you can’t actually pick them up in person, it's a time to call on a close friend to do it for you. As Haden Tye (pictured right) did - to his immediate regret.

Elias, it turned out, is a bit of a joker, even at a juncture in Hayden’s life such as this one. Not only did he tell him that he received a much lower score than the young lad was anticipating, but even went to the lengths of Photoshop to alter his results as part of the wind-up.

Reeling him in with a mixture of believable reaction, faux-sympathy and sterling computer work, it’s almost too painful to read. Almost.