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Student Fakes Kidnapping to Avoid Homework

Takes concept of deadline too literally

Student Fakes Kidnapping to Avoid Homework
05 July 2012

Admit it - we've all tried the 'dog ate my homework' line to avoid handing in an assignment. In these digital times, we guess that's now been upgraded to 'dog ate my laptop'. But even that would be believable next to a Brazilian student's claim that she was kidnapped.

22-year-old Susan Paola Fadel Correia, who lives in Brazil's Amazon region, confessed to faking her own kidnapping to avoid handing in an end-of-year University project. She claimed that she was abducted by three men, tied up and then held for 24 hours before being released, when in fact she was at a friend's house.

She apparently "didn't want to upset her mother" with her problems studying and admitted the scam to police after questioning. We're sure it was far less upsetting for her mother to hear she'd been kidnapped.

Fadel has been charged with making false accusations, a crime which carries a maximum sentence of six months behind bars. At least that'll give her time to finish her project.

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(Image: Rex Features)