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Yet another Stephen King story is headed to the big screen (and we're still excited)

'The Boogeyman' is headed to the big screen

Yet another Stephen King story is headed to the big screen (and we're still excited)
27 June 2018

Stephen King adaptations - been a hell of a lot of them, hasn’t there. Some good, some bad, some really good, some really bad - that’s what happens when an author puts out so much work that there’s a never-ending flow of material ready to be swiped up to be put on film.

And fresh off his most successful work yet - IT, which grossed a ridiculous $700.4 million worldwide - another story has been greenlit for filming.

The 1973 short story The Boogeyman, which became part of 1978’s collection Night Shift, is about a father who loses several of his children to an evil presence in his closet. It’s already been adapted into a theatre play and two short films, one of which you can watch below if you like (despite the bad acting it’s actually quite scary):

However, this new version will be set for the big screen, as a full-length horror film, and will be coming from the twisted minds at 21 Laps (the team behind Stranger Things) and Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, writers of A Quiet Place. Essentially, we’ve got modern horror royalty behind this job.

There’s no date set for filming yet, but it’ll surely be soon - King’s name is as hot now as it was in the ‘80s and ‘90s, so everyone will be scrambling to get their adaptation into cinemas before everyone else.

So hot he is, in fact, that *take a deep breath* here are all the King movies and TV shows currently in production: IT: Chapter 2, The Long WalkTommyknockersThe TalismanDoctor Sleep, Suffer the Little ChildrenPet SemetaryFirestarterIn the Tall GrassThe Gingerbread GirlCastle RockThe Bone ChurchDark Tower (a TV show) aaaaaaandThe Stand. Now resume normal breathing.

Add to that another series of Stranger Things and a sequel to A Quiet Place, and it’s going to be a scary couple of years. Not something you usually find yourself looking forward to, but still. 

(Image: Stephen King Wiki)