Stella Artois's limited edition Cannes cans are stunning


Right now, on the sunny south west coast of France, the great and the good of the film industry are out to play. Directors bask in the flickering light of projector screens, producers are pedalling their hopes to moneyed execs while screen stars sliding down canapes with the casual air of a builder tucking into a HobNob - all sipping on cans of Stella.

You read that right. Stella Artois has commissioned the Ukrainian branch of advertising agency BBDO to add some glitz to its tins for a limited edition Cannes Film Festival release. They're doing the Cannes cans, so to speak.

Drawing on visual cues of Cannes' red carpet, elaborate glamour and cinematic tropes, BBDO's designs are a riot of art deco figures in lavish colour. 

Stunning though they are, we can't help but feel the "Tschttttsssssss" sound of a ring pull will detract from some of the atmosphere of the festival. But then, cinema snacks have never been picked on their stealth.

Fetch us a cold one will you?

(Images: BBDO)

[Via: Fubiz]


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