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John Boyega photobombing hardcore Star Wars fans is essential viewing

The man knows to make an entrance

John Boyega photobombing hardcore Star Wars fans is essential viewing
26 April 2017

Just for a second, put yourselves in the shoes of a Star Wars obsessive. 

You’re already very excited about being in attendance at the annual Star Wars celebration (which this year took place in Orlando) and people are so impressed with your outfits that they want you in a red carpet photoshoot.

So you’re just stood there in full gear, BB-8 at your side, striking poses for the camera. It doesn’t get much better than this. 

Then you turn around and realise that John Fucking Boyega is photobombing you.

The exceptionally likeable actor, who plays Stormtrooper defector Finn in The Force Awakens and this year’s follow-up The Last Jedi, was hiding behind the curtain while fans took it in turns to be snapped. He waited for the perfect moment before revealing himself to them, leading to some priceless reactions.  Scroll to around the 2:25 mark if you want to max out your “feels” gauge for the rest of the month. Really lovely stuff.

Just when you thought you were absolutely done and dusted with dabbing forever, Boyega bursts in with his nice white jacket and does this.

We should point out that the heartwarming video was a promo for the excellent charity Force for Change, who are currently raising money for Starlight and Unicef by offering some pretty amazing prices to lucky donors.