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Because of South Park, if you search ‘Gay Fish’ on YouTube it takes you to Kanye West’s page

South Park - trolling Kanye West since 2009

Because of South Park, if you search ‘Gay Fish’ on YouTube it takes you to Kanye West’s page
28 September 2018

Open up YouTube, why don’t you, and then type “gay fish” into the search bar - what do you get? You get a direct link to Kanye West’s page, don’t you? 

This is funny - of course it is because it’s such a bizarre search term- but why does that very specific search term result in everyone’s favourite egomaniacal rapper appearing at the top?

Well, it’s all to do with South Park and their season 13 episode ‘Fishsticks’, that was aired way back in 2009. Essentially the crux of the episode is this: Jimmy writes a joke about fishsticks (if you like them, you’re a gay fish…) and it becomes a national sensation. Unfortunately, old Kanye West doesn’t get the joke and ends up taking on the identity of a gay fish himself and making a song about it. 

Makes sense, loads of it. Look:

Kanye took to his blog at the time and although he said the ep was funny, he revealed that it still hurt his feelings. Poor Kanye. An upset motif that is probably still relevant today, upon the YouTube discovery that Reddit user Rhaegar uncovered.

Tee hee! All these years later, the joke’s residue is still dripping all over the internet - just goes to show that nothing will ever disappear, everything is on the internet, and if a very famous satirical TV show assigns you a nickname, YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO LOSE IT NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY

Anywho - here’s a teaser for the show’s latest season (22 of them there’ve been!) which has just started. Enjoy!

(Image: Getty/Comedy Central)