Someone has made Doom's BFG gun out of LEGO


Ever wondered what you’d do if you had 5,000+ LEGO bricks and an inordinate amount of time on your hands?

No? Well luckily you don’t have to, as YouTube wizards ZaziNombies – who devote hours of their lives to building LEGO versions of iconic video game weapons – have answered that question for you.

Having got their eyes in by piecing together an arsenal-load of weaponry from the likes of Black Ops 3 and Advanced Warfare, they’ve gone decidedly old school with their latest creation: the BFG9000 from that granddaddy of first-person shooters, Doom.

The Big F*cking Gun – which was so massive it took up basically half your PC screen – lives up to its name in LEGO form, weighing in at a whopping 20lbs (9kg).

ZaziNombies: our 10-year-old selves salute you.