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Skittles respond to Donald Trump Jr's refugee tweet

A sweet response

Skittles respond to Donald Trump Jr's refugee tweet

Just when you thought Donald Trump and his brood of slightly sinister children couldn’t get any worse, his eldest son – the imaginatively named Donald Trump Jr – sent a bizarre tweet comparing refugees to poisoned Skittles.

We're not quite where Don Jr's confusion over refugees and colourful sweets comes from – or if he hangs around with the kind of people who really do hand out poisoned sweets for fun – but the Trumps continue to court controversy like it's going out of fashion.

Naturally, Twitter has ridiculed Trump and Trump Jr over the subject with some hard-hitting pics of Syrian refugees.

But now Skittles have responded, giving a sensible take on Don Jr’s tweet that’s not at all sugar coated – and more diplomatic than anything said in the entire Trump presidential campaign.

It's kind of tragic that with a crucial US election looming, ever closer – an election that has the globe just a little nervous – it takes a huge corporate manufacturer of rainbow coloured confectionary to talk sense about the refugee crisis. Not sweet, Trump... not sweet at all.