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Share the summer spirit

Celebrate the sun with the Smirnoff Summer Punch

Share the summer spirit
11 June 2014

If you’re not careful, summer will just entail occasionally wearing sunglasses. And, if you’re feeling adventurous, shorts. So why not fully embrace this year’s summer of sport and sun with the Smirnoff Summer Punch?

Ideal for barbecues, festivals and parties, it’s the ultimate social drink. Making a sharing size means you’ll spend less time in the kitchen. And, it’s very easy to make.

Watch the video above to see how Smirnoff barman Frankie Campopiano creates the perfect Smirnoff Summer Punch.


  • 400ml Smirnoff
  • 200ml lemon juice
  • 600ml ginger beer
  • 600ml apple juice
  • Mint, strawberries, lemon wedges or raspberries to garnish
  • Makes eight serves; each serve is two units


Step 1 Take a salad bowl.

Step 2 Add Smirnoff, lemon juice, ginger beer and apple juice.

Step 3 Stir with a ladle, add garnishes and ice.

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