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See James Ellroy Talk In London For ShortList

See James Ellroy Talk In London For ShortList

See James Ellroy Talk In London For ShortList
17 September 2014

We’re hosting a special event with the LA Confidential author, and he wants you there....

“British people are the best readers. They speak the same language, but view the material as foreigners. There’s no class distinction for readers [in Britain]. They ask the best questions and you can talk to them afterwards and go to an Indian restaurant.”

Not our words, the words of iconic crime writer James Ellroy, from an interview in this very magazine earlier this year. And never let it be said that Ellroy talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk; he’s proving his admiration for UK bibliophiles (and curry fans) by popping over to London for a very special event organised by ShortList.

The evening, which will take place on 4 November at Shoreditch House, represents the only London event the author will be doing to promote his ace new book, Perfidia. He’ll give a reading from it, before sitting down for a live Q&A which will be followed by questions from the audience. Oh, and afterwards – if you ask nicely – he’ll be signing books.

If you’re interested in attending – and why the hell wouldn’t you be? – we should remind you of another quote Mr Ellroy gave us: “I hate hipsters, I hate liberals, I hate rock’n’rollers, I hate the counter-culture, I hate movie people.” So as long as you don’t fit into any of those categories, we’ll see you there.

Tickets are priced £20 (which includes a beer);

[Images: Lisa Stafford]